Written by Hannah Carlisle 
Owner of
Forest Cove's Being of Service
Call Name - Hopper 
From the Caper X Cutter Litter - January 2021
Hopper 2.jpg

My whole life, I have tried not to let my hearing loss define me.  But it has made me embarrassed when I have to ask, "What?" repeatedly to my friends when I can not hear them.  It has made me ashamed when the audiologist said, "I'm surprised you can even have a conversation with people during my hearing test.  Hearing loss has broken me down more times than I can count. It is frightening when everyone is running out of the dorm building to a fire alarm that I could not even hear at first.  


Having Hopper train to be my service dog has turned all the negative energy surrounding my hearing loss into positivity and strength.  She has shown me patience, grace and fearlessness.  I may be teaching her, but she is absolutely teaching me even more.  Service dog training is a journey, but having Hopper and my amazing trainer - @guynupsk9services by my side makes me feel empowered and proud that I have come so far!    

Dawne Carlisle to Hannah -  You have always shown strength and courage when facing any challenge, but especially your hearing loss.  Having Hopper by your side, is an extra dose of confidence!  You two were meant for each other.  I'm so proud of your dedication and hard work training her.  She is one smart, attentive companion.  

Hopper 3.jpg